Despite the fact that the sun is indeed shining, summer seems to be officially over. Which for me means a slowing down in the world of wedding flowers. That being said, I kind of love a good fall or winter wedding. I featured Ashely and Steve’s wedding on here a while back, I worked on that around this time last year. But today I want to share some beautiful images taken by the amazingly talented Shari + Mike of Shari + Mike Photographers . They have kindly shared with me the photos from a wedding we worked on last winter. It was on December 27th at Lind Hall on Granville Island. Which is consequently where I will be doing a wedding this weekend. Hoping to get images of that wedding too as it is going to be a super fun colourful affair. Check back for those later.

Back to this winter wedding…the bride and groom wanted to capture an essence of the season without having it be too Christmasy. They stuck to a pallet of whites, creams, and greens, and greys with the bridesmaids dresses giving a pop of muted blush. It was elegant and sophisticated, but the evergreens and warm woods used gave it a bit of a rustic twist. I love working with cedar, it lays so nice and flat on tables, lasts forever and of course smells delightful.

The bridal bouquet along with the bridesmaids had an elegant, clean, compact look, but had some cotton blooms and grey brunia berries added in to give it a little bit of that woodsy charm that was happening in the rest of the decor.

So without further ado, have a look at these stunning photos of Stefani + Zameer’s winter wedding.


dress and bq


bw dress and girls




girls and aisle

guestbook cake

table scape

food and log



Photography: Shari + Mike Photography
Planners: Erica for Filosophi
Decor: Sweet Beginnings