Well I’ve done it. I have taken the leap and finally moved from working in a studio/warehouse space to an ACTUAL store front. It was quite the process. Finding a spot was half the battle but I managed to find a tiny little spot in the lovely neighbourhood of Kerrisdale that fit the bill but was in need of some serious TLC.
Now I have watched A LOT of home reno shows on tv, so I should have known that there were going to be some road blocks/hiccups/minor disasters when fixing up an old space. And I certainly had a few of those, but with the help and support of AMAZING family and friends and actual blood, sweat and tears (lots of tears) we managed to pull it together.
I had a vision of what I wanted the finished product to be, and I think I came pretty close to what I hoped for. With a limited budget and the constrains of the building it was a bit tricky, but I wanted charming, I wanted character, I wanted cozy, and I wanted it to feel like a place the neighbourhood would embrace. Somewhere I could fill with fresh flowers and feel inspired to keep creating. A place people could pop into an pick up blooms, and a place for brides to come and have a cup of tea and chat about their vision for their wedding florals. With the changing landscape of the city, and the move towards tearing down old buildings in favour of shiny new ones, it was difficult to find something that would be embedded in a neighbourhood and be a place that could fulfil that wish list of mine. However I think I managed to check all those boxes with my little shop around the corner.
I officially opened September 15, 2016 so come on by to pick up fresh blooms, or call in to place a special order, or just stop by to say hello! The address is 2018 West 45th Ave, I hope to see you soon!