“I’ve always had a passion for making things. I’ve been at it as long as I can remember. I grew up in a house where we were always entertaining, and even if we weren’t, my parents always liked to have fresh flowers, and candles burning at the dinner table. They taught me that the smallest luxuries can inject a little beauty into everyday life. Whether it was just a few stems cut from the garden or a bouquet from a flower shop, there were almost always fresh flowers in the house.”

After completing a Bachelors in Interior Design at the University of Manitoba, Nicola moved her life to the west coast. Working as a floral designer brings together her eye for colour, composition, and texture, with her love for creating things by hand.

With 4 years of experience working at a busy and popular Vancouver flower shop under her belt it was time to strike out on her own, which is how Nicola Adam Floral was born in the fall of 2014.

Nicola inherited her parents’ love for entertaining, so working on weddings and events is especially rewarding for her. Seeing how her creations can add atmosphere to someone’s special day makes it all worthwhile. Nicola Adam Floral is based in Vancouver, BC.